There’s a light in all of us

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This one’s for you Cosima fans!!! She’s definitely my fave! orphanblack orphanblacktv

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  • Cosima: i do my own research.
  • Cosima: [tells scott to do research]
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HA! Why you so funny, Orphan Black?

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five places: felix’s appartment (2/5)


#the thing i love the most about delphine here is how SERIOUS BUSINESS she is about cosima / this is literally their second date and yet / LOOK AT WHAT SHE’S WEARING / a hella sexy bra and the thinnest t-shirt known to man / her hair even more on point than usual / she came to get down to business / the business of GETTING HELLA LAID#eternal sunshine of the spotless queue

she’s not a real monster.

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i think the fact that beth was supposedly a “cold fish” in bed makes me love her so much more like it doesnt matter why she didnt enjoy sex with paul, whether it was because he was shitty at it or they had no chemistry or she was gay or never loved him, etc. all that matters is she didnt fake a single damn thing like no paul if you cant do this im not faking it for you when you dont fucking deserve the credit step up your game



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please hurry you have until May 1rst

we only need 8K more votes to beat them (23rd of april)



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i saw a woman today who looked exactly like that titty malaysia woman from orphan black


Dear Orphan Black writers,



the episode is FREE on iTunes!! Maybe if everyone downloads it, it can be top ranked


no but sarah doesn’t even know that cosima is sick. i hope she kicks her arse when she finds out, like “WHY DIDN’T YA TELL ME YOU SILLY TIT” and then they hug or something and then i die of feels

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